Jon Julio Diaries

Book 2 1997

PAGE 19 and 20

Old ENG advert with Josh Petty.. and a 180 in Laguna Beach in 97.. not sure which magazine this was for..DB or Box..

Photos: Jess D


When I started traveling for skating in the mid-90’s I kept journals. During that time, I made a total of 40+ journals filled with sketches, magazines clippings, and just about everything that influenced me at that particular time.
Looking through them now—nearly 15 years later—caught me off guard. There are tons of great deals in them, so I decided to scan and share them with everyone. 
The first book I dug up was from 1998. It has a green cover with an old England Clothing and Rise Above Clothing sticker on it.

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    England was super-cool when they were around. Their team was Jon Julio, Josh Petty and Dustin Latimer. When their video...
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